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About 14falcons

14falcons was founded by Bill Youngdahl to develop a Web app called Teamput and to engage in consulting engagements with select clients.

Bill is passionate about helping individuals become more effective leaders of projects and initiatives. He works with a network of colleagues to put together leadership development programs that focus on achieving strategic results through effective engagement of diverse teams.

As a member of Thuderbird’s Executive Education faculty team, Bill has designed and delivered custom executive education programs or sessions for ExxonMobil, BP, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Novartis, Eli Lilly, American Express, Textron, The Home Depot, Mattel, General Motors, Delphi, Eli Lilly, Goodyear, SK, LG, Acer, Discount Tire, RoadSafe Traffic Systems, and Phelps Dodge.

Today’s ideas are the bridge to the future.

 Client Buzz

“Authentic; experienced; emphatic; good sense of humor; real life examples.”

“Made you think about things in a completely different way.  Added a freshness/interesting insight to all issues.”

“Very engaging presentation style, greatly motivating, punctuated by excellent examples/stories.”

“Passionate and sincere in delivery. A role model for a presenter on such a course.”

“Very good in each aspect of the program – he gave us the vision, the strategy, and the tools that we now need to implement.”

The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.”

— Dr. Linus Pauling


We created Teamput to overcome common idea-killing behaviors.

  • Discounting what others say because they are not from our “tribe” (or subculture)
  • Allowing one or two people to dominate a meeting
  • The boss sharing ideas first

We know from practice that using sticky notes with face-to-face teams can dramatically increase engagement and inclusion.

  • Give everyone a few minutes of silent time to capture their ideas on sticky notes. Don’t allow talking since it will bias ideas.
  • Ask people to take turns putting their ideas on a flip chart, whiteboard, or wall. As the team shares, group ideas by similarity.

If you facilitate this well, you actually guarantee full inclusion from all team members. Teamput brings this simple and effective approach to both face-to-face and remote teams.

The key to full inclusion is letting everyone have some quiet time to gather their own ideas (what some call “brainwriting”). After all, groups can only refine ideas that always start with an individual’s creative insight. Northwester Professor Leigh Thompson says that brainwriting is the key to neutralizing loudmouths. She also shares that, on average, teams of six are dominated by two members. That means that two thirds of team members are not really being heard.
Teamput is the only Web app that gives you side-by-side brainwriting and collaboration spaces. Drag your ideas from a private canvas to a shared canvas.

Never underestimate the power of ideas.

Confusion about inclusion?

I've been surprised by how confused some still seem to be about inclusion. Does this sound familiar? We're doing a good job with inclusion. We include diverse team members on our teams. Making sure we have diverse members on a team helps to set the stage, but this is not inclusion. It's diversity. The clear starting point for leveraging diversity is understanding the difference between diversity and inclusion. Shirley Engelmeier, the CEO and Founder of