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Online Sticky-Note Brainstorming as Simple as Face-to-Face


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“Our leadership development clients needed a simple tool for online sticky-note brainstorming. We hoped to point them to a solution. But existing apps were too complicated and did not embed best practices for idea generation. We had significant experience and knowledge about how teams can generate more and better ideas. So we built Teamput with the goal of making it a truly simple and indispensable tool for idea generation and collaboration.”

Bill Youngdahl, Ph.D.
Leadership Development Educator and Founder, 14falcons
Creators of Teamput

“I was looking for a simple web-based tool that would function like sticky notes on a wall for process mapping. ¬†After seeing what was out there, and trying more complex applications, it was clear that Teamput had a clean simple solution. I quickly translated my sticky-note map off my office wall and onto a digital wall where I could collaborate with off-site team members. The responsiveness of the Teamput team is awesome.”

Sarah Browning
Senior Vice President, Operations

What you can do with Teamput

Use Teamput during a face-to-face meeting or a teleconference.
Be inclusive! Tap into the wisdom and diversity of your teams.
Let everyone gather their own ideas on private canvases. They can drag ideas to a shared canvas.
You can let team members vote on ideas. It’s up to you!
Chat with individuals or an entire team.
Share files and images by dragging them from your computer to a canvas.
Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos on your canvases.
Make canvases anonymous or display names. It’s up to you.
Control what others can do from full editing to read only.
Generate PDF text reports or export a png image of any canvas. No more taking pictures those walls full of sticky notes!
Create optional public web pages to share your ideas.
Use Teamput to collaborate on strategic planning approaches like SWOT analysis and business model generation.
Use Teamput canvases for task management. Each canvas can be a separate task with lots of rich detail.
Use Teamput for agile development and start ups.
Use Teamput for creating story boards.
Use Teamput for education.
Use Teamput for quality imporvement projects.
Work together in the same room, or spread across the globe….

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Anyone can benefit from using Teamput!

  • Corporations use Teamput to map their strategies.


  • Consultants use Teamput to interact with clients.


  • Developers use Teamput to track priorities.
    We use Teamput to improve Teamput!


  • Educators use Teamput to share ideas.


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Available after the free
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